Exceeding Statistics of Indirect Killing by Road Accidents is on the Urge of Crisis

As per Crime Record Bureau of India, near around 1, 39,000 people died every year in India due to road accidents and this is called as direct death. This shows only one side of the coin but reality is terrific and shocking, as numerous innocent people are dying indirect death due to road transportation.

Now, you must be wondering what is indirect killing and their reasons.

Transport companies store goods of different categories like soap, detergents, and eatables together at one place in their godown and even load them together in one truck or carrier for transportation and these products being different in nature spoil the quality of each other. When consumers consume these poisonous and affected products, they become sufferer of severe diseases like cancer, food poisoning and others, which most of the times result into death and it is called as indirect death.

Road transporters have to move goods of all categories, including food items, toiletries, and Incense stick. Near about 3-4% vehicles got breakdown during transit, because of which goods are transshipped to other vehicle. During this transshipment, it may be possible that the vehicle in which goods are transferred had loaded urea or any other hazardous chemical before and transporters immediately loaded eatable and FMCG in it, by this, smell of Urea and chemicals get mix with the products loaded in it and spoils its quality and even make the product expired much before their expiry date. Customers being innocent and unaware of this, consume these products and leads themselves to indirect killing.

Figure of indirect killing is exceeding the direct killing and keep on exceeding and will result into havoc, if proper measures are not taken to improve road transportation.


Tips to Save Yourself from Fraud Packers and Movers

Relocating from one house to another is the most stressful job for anyone, especially for the people who lives in crowded metro cities; it’s hard for them to take out time from their busy schedule to relocate home. With this, the need for assistance of professional packers and movers has tremendously increased over the past few years. Professional moving companies perform each and every relocation task in an organized way.

Damn It! My precious belongings are damaged. Oh My God! My consignment is totally lost. We have been hearing these kinds of statements from the customers, who come in contact with fake packers and movers making fraud on the name of trusted brands.

Hearing all these have insisted us to take necessary steps in order to make our innocent audience aware about the fraud packing and moving companies. Here are few basic points that you should consider before hiring a relocation company.

Research about the Company – Make this a thumb rule. Before you sign up any contract with the company, enquire about the company properly. For this, it is good to explore their official website properly, especially their customers’ feedback section. Sometimes it happens that people do fraud by recommending themselves to be partners, agents and associates of the trusted company, but they are fraudsters in reality. Therefore, cross check before you trust them.

Irrational Low Quote – Stop! Don’t get trapped with the low quote given by a company. These kinds of companies are the overnight scammers who trap customers by quoting irrational low quote and then charge extra amount for every step on the name of hidden charges. There are chances that they held your belongings at the time of delivery. Avoid hiring such immoral companies.

Avoid Paying Upfront – Reliable moving companies never ask to do payment in cash and that too whole amount in the beginning. So, don’t go with the company that ask to do payment in cash. Instead, hire the one that allow you to make payment by cheque or online payment. With hold the money till your entire stuff is moved. Never forget reputed packers and movers probably don’t ask for any payment in the beginning.

Terms & Conditions – Before finalizing the deal with any of the moving companies. Read their terms & conditions properly. These terms & conditions let you decide whether the company is suitable for your move or not.

Now when you know the things to be kept in mind while choosing a relocating company, end up hiring a reputed packing and moving company who has been in the industry for pretty long.

Numerous Packers and Movers are available in the market that claims to serve best, but all of them do not stand on their commitments actually. So, act smart, choose smart and safeguard your belongings from falling into the wrong hands.