9 things you ought to know before hiring Movers and Packers!

Relocation or shifting is like an ordeal for all of us. The question of how to pack our stuff and moreover transport them hangs in our thoughts and causes anxiety. But in this era where we all believe in smart work more than hard work; we have professionals to do all the work for us thankfully! They provide solutions to every problem related to shifting under one roof!

Ironically the Packing and Moving market is highly unorganized and in the recent past there have been a steep rise in the number of companies entering this business and with too many players in the market the quality of service is being compromised by many companies moreover there are numerous fraud companies trying to fool innocent people with their crooked offers!

So, if you’ve decided to move to a new place or looking for the best Packers and Movers to help you with your relocation or you are too apprehensive in hiring the professionals because you don’t trust them with your dear valuables, then my friend worry not because we bring to you some tips that will help you to choose the Best from the Rest! And identify the fraudsters.

Don’t completely and blindly rely on the search engines!
– While searching for the company’s name in the search engines, be sure about choosing the right one. There are lots of fake companies running with the same name with slighter changes. Also watch out while searching on newspaper classifieds, as there are lots of bogus paid advertisements similar or identical to the real one.

Advertisements can be fake!
– You may find fake advertisements displayed in search results to trap you. So use your intelligence to choose the genuine one! Don’t rely on paid ads over internet instead always prefer “organic search results”.

Finalize the quote for the whole services beforehand!
– To attract the customers, generally the local or greedy Packers and Movers quote less in starting but at the time of delivery they charge or they demand extra charges/hidden cost. So, beware of falling into their lucrative trap.

It is prudent to be sure about the final payment to be made to the Movers for the entire services to save, yourself from any complications later.

Why rely on mediators for information when you can contact the company directly!
– Don’t make any enquiry by calling “information agencies” (su-lekh.com or justtodial) for Movers as they may sell your enquiry and leak your private data to XYZ companies and you possibly will  start getting unwanted calls from various “unrecognized movers” that will definitely fed you up!

It’s pre-requisite to check the certification of the company!
– Make sure beforehand that the Packing Company you’re trusting with your valuables is registered with PF, ESIC, IBA and Service Tax Department. That way you will stay protected from getting trapped by fraudsters. It is advisable to check the registration certificate carefully before taking their services, to stay prevented from the fraudsters.

Thoroughly go through the credentials of the company!
– Before hiring a Moving Company, do check their credentials for your own safety reasons. You may find the news (in newspapers and other Medias) of moving scams where fake moving company ran away with client’s goods. If you don’t want to fall a victim of this be alert and know everything about the company you are hiring.

Check that there is no third party involve with your chosen company!
– While finalizing your Mover, be sure that your mover does not include subcontractors or third party service providers, as they may ask for hidden charges and make your relocation complicated.

Don’t fall for lucrative offers, fake promises or doubtfully low quotes!
– Many times, cheating companies provides services at unbelievingly cheap rates; this is a kind of bait that helps them to trap people. They adopt this way to woo customers. So it’s your choice to save a few thousand bucks, but at what cost? At the cost of your precious goods possessed over a lifetime?

The fake or unreliable companies don’t even think once before making fake promises or offers like delivering the consignment within very short span, providing a lot of complimentary services, etc, because the only thing that they think of is money and nothing else and for making money they weave attractive traps for the innocent customers. So think twice next time you come across any such unbelievable promise!

Make sure that the Movers provide insurance claims for your goods!
– Make sure that the Moving Company provide claims for your goods. It’s mandatory for you to check this because if anything happens to your valuable goods during the shifting then the company will shrug off from taking any responsibility of your loss!

“Everything that shines is not gold” and this saying goes for the relocation business also as “every company that brags about itself is not genuine”.