Get Rid of the Unused Items of Home While Moving

Are you going to shift soon? If yes, then you must be filled with mixed feeling of excitement for shifting to new place and worried about the safe movement of your goods to new destination. Well, for the safe movement of your goods, you can rely upon the services of packers and movers. Letting them handle your move will help you in enjoying the feeling of being shifting to new place and starting a new phase of life. But, as we all know that shifting process is full of ups and downs, but there is a hidden benefit of shifting also and that is getting rid of the items that you don’t use or are of no use anymore.

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We all have some of such items at our home which are of no use to us and there is no chance of using in the future also. So, it is best to get rid of unwanted goods. There is various factors based on which you can judge if the items are of use or not. Below are some of the factors mentioned considering which, you can differentiate between the goods which are of use and of not.

Do I Use It

Only and only you can answer this question that whether you use the item or not. For every item ask yourself if you use this item or not. If you use the item take it with you, but, if your answer to this question is no, then there is no sense of moving it to your new place. According to the nature, condition and use of the good, either, sell, donate or throw it. This is going to save your time, money and efforts for packing and moving them.

Trend of the Item

Analyze if the item is trendy or not. If you find it old fashioned like transistor, curtain etc, then instead of moving them purchase new one at new place. This is because obviously you wouldn’t want to disgrace the beauty of your new place with the old torn stuff.

Emotional Value

Sometimes we have such old items in our home to which we are emotionally attach. Although might be they have lost their grace, reason of use or charm, but still due to the emotions we have attached with them, we can never get rid of this. But there are some of old things also present with which there is no any such emotional connection. So, it is better to get rid of these items.

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Space Occupying

Sometimes we have a large number of items in our home which occupy larger spaces. Analyze the space available at your new place. In case there is no much space at your new residence for any item, it is better to sell them and buy new one at new place according to the space available.

Thus, shifting not only bring tension, worries or sadness but also, gives you reasons to be happy and help you in many ways.


Move with the Movers and Packers in Gurgaon

Are you relocating to Gurgaon and worried about how you are going to move your belongings to new place safely? The one and only answer to this question is the services of Packers and Movers in Gurgaon. There are many reasons behind this answer. Moving companies are proficient enough to render all type of relocation services like household shifting, international movement, domestic shifting, office movement, industrial movement, vehicle transportation, pet and plant relocation. So, whatever is the nature of your relocation, the packing and moving company of Gurgaon is there to fulfill your needs. Their presence will make you enjoy a hassle-free move.

Real Agarwal PackersThey will execute your move in a systematic way and will make sure that you don’t face any kind of issues in the movement. In our movement, there is large quantity of goods which are of different nature and demands different way of handling. Each and every good has its importance and needs to be packed with the material according to the nature of the good. Packing is the most important part of relocation and is must to be performed with complete care and safety which is not possible for the layman, but, for the movers it is their cup of tea and without any problem they will complete it.

They have specialized teams of skillful and trained people who perform the different activities of relocation. They are well-trained to perform their job and they are expert in it. They make sure that they perform their part of job with complete professionalism and efficiency.

Movers and packers in Gurgaon own al required and modernized packing material, tools and equipments using which they execute the move. When you have handed over your goods to them, you need not to worry about their safety. They have their branches set up in various parts of the countries through which they cover the entire nation as well as the world. So, whether your origin or destination location is any major city, another country, or remote area, your goods will be moved there in their intact condition and on time.

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For finding the right and experience moving company for your move, you can search over internet. After all, internet is now a days a major source of information and you can gain information about anyone and anything here. Get the information about the moving companies prevailing in your area. Once you obtain their contact number, contact them and try to gain more information about them, their services and they pattern of packing. Don’t forget to compare the moving companies because through this you will be able to reach the right moving company for your move.

10 Most Common Reasons People Move Their Home!

As a matter of fact, millions of people move their home from one place to another every day. Moving has been a part of the human species since ages. For instance, early humans used move home time to time, nomads don’t have a permanent home, instead spend their lives moving from one location to another. From the past few centuries, the reason for moving home has increased.

In the following, I have discussed some of the most common reasons as to why people tend to move their home from places to places –

1.Housing reasons – The first and foremost reason is not made up of only one but several other factors related to housing. Yes! There are various grounds regarding housing which leads to move home from one location to the other. For instance, living in a small house, improper electricity or water supply, living in a rent house, to name a few.

2.Brand new & beautiful home – The second reason which causes people to move their previous home is the fact of living in a new home which is also very nice-looking. Of course, when you are living in a house which is many years old, you get bored of the surroundings and feel like moving to a new place which might make you feel refreshed. So, either people think of renovating their house or they just sell their old home and move to the new one.

3.Job-related – The third cause due to which people move their home is simply professional. There are many people who are transferred to various places for a specific time period due to their job. The overall time can vary from few months to few years. In such cases, they are not left with any other option but to move along with their household belongings. Some people often take their whole family with them if they need to live at a particular place for more than a year or so. Other reasons include better job opportunities, etc.

4.Family – There are many of you who might move their home due to family reason. Obviously, family is the one for whom we can do anything just to make them happy. Likewise people choose to shift their home to live with their family. The actual reason for the move can be many such as, a family member is not well, there are one or two old persons of the family living alone and you want to be by their side to take care of them, etc.

5.Set up household – You might want to move to a new home because you have established a home for yourself. Everybody wants to have their own home one day and if the dream is coming true then who wants to live in a rented apartment, right?

6.Hassle-free conveyance – Most of you face problems in daily lives while commuting from home to office or school, etc. due to poor transportation service. To avoid getting into such situation every day, people tend to shift their home and move to some place where it is easier for them to travel everywhere.

7.Nice neighborhood – All of us want to live in a peaceful environment. Nobody wants to get surrounded by bickering neighbors. So, few people also move their home to escape from such squabbling neighbors and live at a place which is surrounded by polite and humble neighbors.

8.Newlyweds – There comes a day when people get married and they need to settle with their new family i.e., wife. So, many of us might move to another place to start a new life with our partner.

9.Other reasons – Here, reasons can vary from situation to situation. For instance, you had a fight with your house owner, if you had a break-up with your partner, etc.

10.Education – There are many students who might want to shift or have shifted to some place due to education which needs them to study far away from family. This is also few of the reasons for people to shift their homes and settle in other places for a specific period of time.

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8 Tips to Find a True Mover and Packer!

One of the most important things to do when you have decided to move out of your existing place to another is to choose the finest packers and movers for the relocation. You should certainly do so because you obviously don’t want to see your beloved goods in broken or damaged condition at the destination. Hence, it is sensible to hire a good moving company to avoid such kind of mishaps.

But, before you pick any random movers, you need to know that there is plethora of moving service providers existing in the marketplace among which the fake moving companies also resides. As a result, it is your duty to make sure you don’t fall into the trap of such tricksters.

So, to make your relocation stress-free, smooth and secure, consider the following tips –

1. Prepare a list – To pick the one reliable moving company from plenty of others, you need to note down the top and famous movers whose rates fall under your budget.

2. Check authenticity – The time and experience of the company is not enough to judge them. You need to evaluate them on various factors. It is notable to check the number of appreciations they have received for their work, etc. In addition, you should not forget to confirm the legitimacy of the company by verifying their credentials.

3. Look into the online reviews – Checking the online reviews will also help in a great extent as people share their experience with a particular company or regarding their service on internet. But, do not blindly trust all the reviews written online because some are manipulated as well. So, remember not to judge only by reading the online reviews.

4. Budget-making is a must – You should always fix a budget for your relocation and stick to it no matter how lucrative a deal seems. Always make sure to hire such mover and packer whose services are not only reliable but also costs reasonable.

5. Shortlist 2-3 movers – After making comparisons with each other, finalize 2-3 moving service providers and ask them for quote on call or by asking them to come over your place.

6. Check the potency of the vehicles – It is significant to know that whether the moving vehicles are capable of loading all of your goods properly or not. The vehicle needs to be spacious so that the goods can be placed comfortably. Also, check that they have enough staff members so that your packing and moving process goes smoothly.

7. Sign after reading the contract – Do not ever sign the contracts without reading them carefully. You must go through every single word of the contract and check if the officials of the company have mentioned everything that you have wanted. Get your goods covered so that if in case, your goods get damaged during the process of relocation, you can easily receive the compensation for the same. Understand each and every policy attentively so that you won’t have to face any trouble later.

8. Keep a copy of the contract – Do not ever forget to keep a duplicate of the contract with you. It is a must because there are some fake companies who at first tell you a different quote and then after the end of relocation, charge you more by adding unnecessary costs or making bogus excuses. Hence, it is better to be on a safe side from the start by keeping a copy of the contract with you until the relocation gets completely over.

Thus, I am sure you are going to enjoy your entire relocation once you avail the services of a trustworthy and reliable packing and moving company.

Virtual Warehouse service by Agarwal Packers and Movers

Are you planning to relocate from current place to a new one and need to keep your goods at a safe place for a specific period of time? If your answer is yes, then quit worrying about it as Agarwal Movers and Packers is here to help you in such condition by providing you the service of Virtual Warehouse.

The Virtual Warehouse simply means Trucking Cube service which is bestowed upon the customers so that they do not stress themselves regarding the safety of their items. Trucking Cube is in itself a secure well- spacious container which comes in various sizes. You can choose a container according to the quantity of your goods so that you won’t have to pay for the extra unused space. It is assured that your goods will remain safe in the Cubes because you can put your personal lock on it and keep the key with you.

The safety features of the Cubes consist of safety belts which does not let the goods move from their particular space. It helps to hold the goods at one position during the move. Also, the floor of the Cube has shock-absorbent carpet which prevents the goods from any kind of damage while it is being moved. Last but not the least, there is zero transshipment of goods if you choose to hire a Trucking Cube for the movement of your goods.

So, choose the reliable service of Virtual warehouse and remain stress-free about the safety of your belongings.

5 Tips to Save Money While Shifting Home!

When you decide to move your home from one place to another, the first question that comes to your mind is how you are going to shift all your domestic goods in a secure way. In such situation, you are left with two options – either you execute the entire moving process on your own or hire a mover and packer for professional execution. But, it is an undeniable fact that availing the service of a moving service provider to shift your complete household belongings can cost you heavily. Thus, I have piled up 5 important points which will help to cut off your shifting expenditure to an extent.

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1. DIY Shifting – To make your move cost-effective when you don’t have an ocean of items at your home, it is best to take the home-shifting task on your own hands. You can merely hire a vehicle at a quite cheap rate and get boxes from any store out there in the market. Subsequently, you can contact your friends, relatives to help you out in the shifting procedure. Keep in mind the fact that there is countless number of vehicle hire companies that you are going to find in the marketplace, but it is your responsibility to choose the one company wisely.

2. Verify the movers – If you have made up your mind to hire a moving service provider, then make certain to choose the professional, renowned and experienced one. Check that they are completely certified and insured as well. Make sure that the company has IBA approval and ISO certification among other important certifications and memberships.

3. De-junk goods – While packing, it is best to pack fewer items so that you save more money. Besides, why would you want to pay for the items you don’t need anyway? You can get rid of such unnecessary goods which are of no use to you by donating them to others in need or selling them to get some money out of it. Moreover, make sure to consume everything in your refrigerator before your relocation.

4. Resolve funds – Before you make your final shift, ensure to clear up all your finances like bill payments, etc. It is necessary to give your suppliers a prior notice i.e., inform them about your movement not less than 48 hours before the move. Do not forget to give your suppliers your new address so that they can send any kind of pending or final bill to your new home.

5. Acquire finest offers on bills – After shifting to your new abode, you can get the best offers on electricity, gas, broadband, etc. It is believed that if you change your electricity, gas and broadband plans after relocation, then you can save a great amount of money.

So, either you can pay heed to the above points to keep your moving expense in your budget or else, you can simply avail the cost-effective services of Agarwal Packers and Movers Ltd.

A closer insight on fraud practices by other “Relocation companies”

This is certainly true to quote that since the time people have been using relocation services, there have been endless scams. At time the names get forged and copied, while there are several others when fake promises are being made. Especially in India where cheap strategy work even better than the original hard work, people often tend to get carried away for the sake of saving a few bucks, while there is a later effect of that which certainly follows the evident. Provided it becomes a little late to change things by then.

There is a similar factor that has always been amazing our minds, at Agarwal Packers and Movers Limited. We are a legitimate company, running and offering services with a goal of customer satisfaction. We have various categories like shifting homes, offices, commercial buildings, corporate towers, factories, units and so much more.  Provided of doing business with great ethics and some of the best solutions and services, we still have to suffer due to other unethical and illegal practices by other fraud companies around.

Since we have been able to mark ourselves pretty much like a brand name in the market, there are numerous fake companies who have been trying hard to get associated with our brand name and of course the innocent people out there in the market who are trapped, thinking it’s us!

Please be aware, do your research well and don’t get into their traps!

We make it a point to offer some of the finest solutions, high quality material and spend ample time and money while training our team members. Each of our staff members is specifically skill-trained to handle any sort of a pressure while a move out it planned. On top of that, we have a huge and diverse training department that works just to provide the suitable and specific training skills that make our team members imply the best and of course better than the rest out there.

However, the worst part of the competitive industry is that, there are so many falsified practices being made by fraudsters by using our name to build their castles in the market. This is not just illegal, but also spoils our brand image on which we have invested years and worked hard with sheer dedication, honesty, integrity day in and out!

This is not really a post that would pin point the fraudsters, but at the same time we wish to appeal to the mass and all our prestigious clients to be cautious and deal with the real us. You can identify us by:

– Assuring the picture of Mr. Ramesh Agarwal (Fauji photo)





– The significant logo
Agarwal Movers and Packers Logo




Our relocation strengths and of course the business name that took decades to get established. Please go through our individual identity and make sure you are dealing with us, being genuine and honest on our part. With the support of all our happy and satisfied clients, we are able to take this move and announce for it in public.

We appeal all our clients to explore through properly to find and opt for the original name, despite!

A step taken by media to tell people about fraudulent activities going on in the market on the name of Agarwal Packers and Movers. The reports were covered in some of the most reliable means of media.



Cheap trails don’t have a longer life!

This is exactly what we follow here at Agarwal Packers and Movers Ltd. We have been coming across a lot of unethical and unauthentic practices going on in our domain. This is certainly illegal and has various implications that directly affect our brand name as well as the clients who suffer malpractices, inferior quality material and also their entire move out gets horrible.This is exactly what we follow here at Agarwal Packers and Movers Ltd. We have been coming across a lot of unethical and unauthentic practices going on in our domain. This is certainly illegal and has various implications that directly affect our brand name as well as the clients who suffer malpractices, inferior quality material and also their entire move out gets horrible.

We had been taking all of this lightly, previously. However when we came across so many fraudsters, building upon stories and using our brand name to misguide the various customers in the market, things were actually very astonishing for us. We were rather surprised to see and hear about our brand name into things we weren’t even aware of. This factor has tricked a lot in the market and has been giving our honest, reliable and integrated team members, sleepless nights.

The fact about our quality, being unmatchable and flawless comes handy to or rescue, however this is only when the mass would realize these practices and opt for a better step in order to eradicate and eliminate theme from the root.

This is a post to prove our authenticity and the services that stand tall, apart from the crowd of million others. We urge the common users to become alert and aware of this aspect and the flip side of using the cheap and manipulated trails of these fraudsters. We urge you to go through the company, their official website and then frame your decision.

After all, it is all about the quality and the risk of giving all your precious belongings to any fraudulent and scammer who is using the other person’s name. How can you ever rely on such cheats who cannot even have their own name to back themselves up?

Obviously not, right?

This is exactly what our point of discussion is right here. We are completely okay with a healthy competition and are ready to do things to prove our worth and the number of years we have spent in the market, learning and adapting the various aspects of life.

There are many moving companies’ scams going on these days that force us to take a stronger move and appeal to the web and the users to not just blindly follow the name, seek the search engines that are normally paid and make your decision. Instead we wish to aware our clients to follow only the genuine and original Agarwal Packers and Movers Ltd. and look for the logo and the reliable information that is unique and special to us.

Beware of fraudsters and take one step in the right direction as it could actually help you save a lot of money, get the best of the high quality services and material that would not just manage the move but also be close to your hearts forever. Taking one step in the right direction would help numerous people, who suffer after the moves either by wasting their hard earned money or by getting their belongings damaged, stolen or spoiled just by choosing the wrong company for all and once!

Here is the latest news which is floating in media regarding the fraudulent activities.


9 things you ought to know before hiring Movers and Packers!

Relocation or shifting is like an ordeal for all of us. The question of how to pack our stuff and moreover transport them hangs in our thoughts and causes anxiety. But in this era where we all believe in smart work more than hard work; we have professionals to do all the work for us thankfully! They provide solutions to every problem related to shifting under one roof!

Ironically the Packing and Moving market is highly unorganized and in the recent past there have been a steep rise in the number of companies entering this business and with too many players in the market the quality of service is being compromised by many companies moreover there are numerous fraud companies trying to fool innocent people with their crooked offers!

So, if you’ve decided to move to a new place or looking for the best Packers and Movers to help you with your relocation or you are too apprehensive in hiring the professionals because you don’t trust them with your dear valuables, then my friend worry not because we bring to you some tips that will help you to choose the Best from the Rest! And identify the fraudsters.

Don’t completely and blindly rely on the search engines!
– While searching for the company’s name in the search engines, be sure about choosing the right one. There are lots of fake companies running with the same name with slighter changes. Also watch out while searching on newspaper classifieds, as there are lots of bogus paid advertisements similar or identical to the real one.

Advertisements can be fake!
– You may find fake advertisements displayed in search results to trap you. So use your intelligence to choose the genuine one! Don’t rely on paid ads over internet instead always prefer “organic search results”.

Finalize the quote for the whole services beforehand!
– To attract the customers, generally the local or greedy Packers and Movers quote less in starting but at the time of delivery they charge or they demand extra charges/hidden cost. So, beware of falling into their lucrative trap.

It is prudent to be sure about the final payment to be made to the Movers for the entire services to save, yourself from any complications later.

Why rely on mediators for information when you can contact the company directly!
– Don’t make any enquiry by calling “information agencies” ( or justtodial) for Movers as they may sell your enquiry and leak your private data to XYZ companies and you possibly will  start getting unwanted calls from various “unrecognized movers” that will definitely fed you up!

It’s pre-requisite to check the certification of the company!
– Make sure beforehand that the Packing Company you’re trusting with your valuables is registered with PF, ESIC, IBA and Service Tax Department. That way you will stay protected from getting trapped by fraudsters. It is advisable to check the registration certificate carefully before taking their services, to stay prevented from the fraudsters.

Thoroughly go through the credentials of the company!
– Before hiring a Moving Company, do check their credentials for your own safety reasons. You may find the news (in newspapers and other Medias) of moving scams where fake moving company ran away with client’s goods. If you don’t want to fall a victim of this be alert and know everything about the company you are hiring.

Check that there is no third party involve with your chosen company!
– While finalizing your Mover, be sure that your mover does not include subcontractors or third party service providers, as they may ask for hidden charges and make your relocation complicated.

Don’t fall for lucrative offers, fake promises or doubtfully low quotes!
– Many times, cheating companies provides services at unbelievingly cheap rates; this is a kind of bait that helps them to trap people. They adopt this way to woo customers. So it’s your choice to save a few thousand bucks, but at what cost? At the cost of your precious goods possessed over a lifetime?

The fake or unreliable companies don’t even think once before making fake promises or offers like delivering the consignment within very short span, providing a lot of complimentary services, etc, because the only thing that they think of is money and nothing else and for making money they weave attractive traps for the innocent customers. So think twice next time you come across any such unbelievable promise!

Make sure that the Movers provide insurance claims for your goods!
– Make sure that the Moving Company provide claims for your goods. It’s mandatory for you to check this because if anything happens to your valuable goods during the shifting then the company will shrug off from taking any responsibility of your loss!

“Everything that shines is not gold” and this saying goes for the relocation business also as “every company that brags about itself is not genuine”.

Exceeding Statistics of Indirect Killing by Road Accidents is on the Urge of Crisis

As per Crime Record Bureau of India, near around 1, 39,000 people died every year in India due to road accidents and this is called as direct death. This shows only one side of the coin but reality is terrific and shocking, as numerous innocent people are dying indirect death due to road transportation.

Now, you must be wondering what is indirect killing and their reasons.

Transport companies store goods of different categories like soap, detergents, and eatables together at one place in their godown and even load them together in one truck or carrier for transportation and these products being different in nature spoil the quality of each other. When consumers consume these poisonous and affected products, they become sufferer of severe diseases like cancer, food poisoning and others, which most of the times result into death and it is called as indirect death.

Road transporters have to move goods of all categories, including food items, toiletries, and Incense stick. Near about 3-4% vehicles got breakdown during transit, because of which goods are transshipped to other vehicle. During this transshipment, it may be possible that the vehicle in which goods are transferred had loaded urea or any other hazardous chemical before and transporters immediately loaded eatable and FMCG in it, by this, smell of Urea and chemicals get mix with the products loaded in it and spoils its quality and even make the product expired much before their expiry date. Customers being innocent and unaware of this, consume these products and leads themselves to indirect killing.

Figure of indirect killing is exceeding the direct killing and keep on exceeding and will result into havoc, if proper measures are not taken to improve road transportation.