Exceeding Statistics of Indirect Killing by Road Accidents is on the Urge of Crisis

As per Crime Record Bureau of India, near around 1, 39,000 people died every year in India due to road accidents and this is called as direct death. This shows only one side of the coin but reality is terrific and shocking, as numerous innocent people are dying indirect death due to road transportation.

Now, you must be wondering what is indirect killing and their reasons.

Transport companies store goods of different categories like soap, detergents, and eatables together at one place in their godown and even load them together in one truck or carrier for transportation and these products being different in nature spoil the quality of each other. When consumers consume these poisonous and affected products, they become sufferer of severe diseases like cancer, food poisoning and others, which most of the times result into death and it is called as indirect death.

Road transporters have to move goods of all categories, including food items, toiletries, and Incense stick. Near about 3-4% vehicles got breakdown during transit, because of which goods are transshipped to other vehicle. During this transshipment, it may be possible that the vehicle in which goods are transferred had loaded urea or any other hazardous chemical before and transporters immediately loaded eatable and FMCG in it, by this, smell of Urea and chemicals get mix with the products loaded in it and spoils its quality and even make the product expired much before their expiry date. Customers being innocent and unaware of this, consume these products and leads themselves to indirect killing.

Figure of indirect killing is exceeding the direct killing and keep on exceeding and will result into havoc, if proper measures are not taken to improve road transportation.


21st of every month 21 girls gets empowered because of Agarwal Movers Group

New Delhi Thursday, February 11: Despite the socio cultural and economic development in India, the issue of education of girl child still needs immense investment from the government and responsible corporates. Quoting Mr. Barack Obama, President United States of America, “You can judge a nation, and how successful it will be, based on how it treats its women and its girls.”


In a bid to make the change Agarwal Movers Group has decided to do its bit for the education of girl child by donating 21 bicycles every 21st of the month. “Beti Padhao Abahyaan” was launched in December 2015 and since then the surface logistics company has empowered 42 girls living in slums around Pitampura, New Delhi to be independent and to travel on their own.

A team at Agarwal Movers Group conducts a series of verification before the bicycle donation is made – school mark sheet and admission receipts are verified of the girl child to make sure that the girl child is getting educated.

“The idea is to start small, take it further and make it big” is what Mr Ramesh Agarwal, Chairman Agarwal Movers Group believes in.

This initiative was a dream project of late Smt Sunheri Devi Agarwal mother of Mr Ramesh Agarwal who always thought that educating a girl means educating ten people in a family and have her be independent.


About Agarwal Movers Group

Over the last 28 years, Agarwal Movers Group. has become a company of national and international repute and has enormous credentials to its name including the highest accolade being acknowledged in the Limca Book of Records for the largest movers of household goods in the country and recently been certified with the #ISO: 39001:2012- Road Transport Safety (RTS)Management System standards by international quality certification . With 102offices across the country, 6400 + employees, 14 lakh satisfied customers. Trucking Cube is a surface-logistics innovation launched July 2015. The company is known for its innovative approach in the packing and moving industry.