10 Most Common Reasons People Move Their Home!

As a matter of fact, millions of people move their home from one place to another every day. Moving has been a part of the human species since ages. For instance, early humans used move home time to time, nomads don’t have a permanent home, instead spend their lives moving from one location to another. From the past few centuries, the reason for moving home has increased.

In the following, I have discussed some of the most common reasons as to why people tend to move their home from places to places –

1.Housing reasons – The first and foremost reason is not made up of only one but several other factors related to housing. Yes! There are various grounds regarding housing which leads to move home from one location to the other. For instance, living in a small house, improper electricity or water supply, living in a rent house, to name a few.

2.Brand new & beautiful home – The second reason which causes people to move their previous home is the fact of living in a new home which is also very nice-looking. Of course, when you are living in a house which is many years old, you get bored of the surroundings and feel like moving to a new place which might make you feel refreshed. So, either people think of renovating their house or they just sell their old home and move to the new one.

3.Job-related – The third cause due to which people move their home is simply professional. There are many people who are transferred to various places for a specific time period due to their job. The overall time can vary from few months to few years. In such cases, they are not left with any other option but to move along with their household belongings. Some people often take their whole family with them if they need to live at a particular place for more than a year or so. Other reasons include better job opportunities, etc.

4.Family – There are many of you who might move their home due to family reason. Obviously, family is the one for whom we can do anything just to make them happy. Likewise people choose to shift their home to live with their family. The actual reason for the move can be many such as, a family member is not well, there are one or two old persons of the family living alone and you want to be by their side to take care of them, etc.

5.Set up household – You might want to move to a new home because you have established a home for yourself. Everybody wants to have their own home one day and if the dream is coming true then who wants to live in a rented apartment, right?

6.Hassle-free conveyance – Most of you face problems in daily lives while commuting from home to office or school, etc. due to poor transportation service. To avoid getting into such situation every day, people tend to shift their home and move to some place where it is easier for them to travel everywhere.

7.Nice neighborhood – All of us want to live in a peaceful environment. Nobody wants to get surrounded by bickering neighbors. So, few people also move their home to escape from such squabbling neighbors and live at a place which is surrounded by polite and humble neighbors.

8.Newlyweds – There comes a day when people get married and they need to settle with their new family i.e., wife. So, many of us might move to another place to start a new life with our partner.

9.Other reasons – Here, reasons can vary from situation to situation. For instance, you had a fight with your house owner, if you had a break-up with your partner, etc.

10.Education – There are many students who might want to shift or have shifted to some place due to education which needs them to study far away from family. This is also few of the reasons for people to shift their homes and settle in other places for a specific period of time.

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8 Tips to Find a True Mover and Packer!

One of the most important things to do when you have decided to move out of your existing place to another is to choose the finest packers and movers for the relocation. You should certainly do so because you obviously don’t want to see your beloved goods in broken or damaged condition at the destination. Hence, it is sensible to hire a good moving company to avoid such kind of mishaps.

But, before you pick any random movers, you need to know that there is plethora of moving service providers existing in the marketplace among which the fake moving companies also resides. As a result, it is your duty to make sure you don’t fall into the trap of such tricksters.

So, to make your relocation stress-free, smooth and secure, consider the following tips –

1. Prepare a list – To pick the one reliable moving company from plenty of others, you need to note down the top and famous movers whose rates fall under your budget.

2. Check authenticity – The time and experience of the company is not enough to judge them. You need to evaluate them on various factors. It is notable to check the number of appreciations they have received for their work, etc. In addition, you should not forget to confirm the legitimacy of the company by verifying their credentials.

3. Look into the online reviews – Checking the online reviews will also help in a great extent as people share their experience with a particular company or regarding their service on internet. But, do not blindly trust all the reviews written online because some are manipulated as well. So, remember not to judge only by reading the online reviews.

4. Budget-making is a must – You should always fix a budget for your relocation and stick to it no matter how lucrative a deal seems. Always make sure to hire such mover and packer whose services are not only reliable but also costs reasonable.

5. Shortlist 2-3 movers – After making comparisons with each other, finalize 2-3 moving service providers and ask them for quote on call or by asking them to come over your place.

6. Check the potency of the vehicles – It is significant to know that whether the moving vehicles are capable of loading all of your goods properly or not. The vehicle needs to be spacious so that the goods can be placed comfortably. Also, check that they have enough staff members so that your packing and moving process goes smoothly.

7. Sign after reading the contract – Do not ever sign the contracts without reading them carefully. You must go through every single word of the contract and check if the officials of the company have mentioned everything that you have wanted. Get your goods covered so that if in case, your goods get damaged during the process of relocation, you can easily receive the compensation for the same. Understand each and every policy attentively so that you won’t have to face any trouble later.

8. Keep a copy of the contract – Do not ever forget to keep a duplicate of the contract with you. It is a must because there are some fake companies who at first tell you a different quote and then after the end of relocation, charge you more by adding unnecessary costs or making bogus excuses. Hence, it is better to be on a safe side from the start by keeping a copy of the contract with you until the relocation gets completely over.

Thus, I am sure you are going to enjoy your entire relocation once you avail the services of a trustworthy and reliable packing and moving company.

5 Tips to Save Money While Shifting Home!

When you decide to move your home from one place to another, the first question that comes to your mind is how you are going to shift all your domestic goods in a secure way. In such situation, you are left with two options – either you execute the entire moving process on your own or hire a mover and packer for professional execution. But, it is an undeniable fact that availing the service of a moving service provider to shift your complete household belongings can cost you heavily. Thus, I have piled up 5 important points which will help to cut off your shifting expenditure to an extent.

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1. DIY Shifting – To make your move cost-effective when you don’t have an ocean of items at your home, it is best to take the home-shifting task on your own hands. You can merely hire a vehicle at a quite cheap rate and get boxes from any store out there in the market. Subsequently, you can contact your friends, relatives to help you out in the shifting procedure. Keep in mind the fact that there is countless number of vehicle hire companies that you are going to find in the marketplace, but it is your responsibility to choose the one company wisely.

2. Verify the movers – If you have made up your mind to hire a moving service provider, then make certain to choose the professional, renowned and experienced one. Check that they are completely certified and insured as well. Make sure that the company has IBA approval and ISO certification among other important certifications and memberships.

3. De-junk goods – While packing, it is best to pack fewer items so that you save more money. Besides, why would you want to pay for the items you don’t need anyway? You can get rid of such unnecessary goods which are of no use to you by donating them to others in need or selling them to get some money out of it. Moreover, make sure to consume everything in your refrigerator before your relocation.

4. Resolve funds – Before you make your final shift, ensure to clear up all your finances like bill payments, etc. It is necessary to give your suppliers a prior notice i.e., inform them about your movement not less than 48 hours before the move. Do not forget to give your suppliers your new address so that they can send any kind of pending or final bill to your new home.

5. Acquire finest offers on bills – After shifting to your new abode, you can get the best offers on electricity, gas, broadband, etc. It is believed that if you change your electricity, gas and broadband plans after relocation, then you can save a great amount of money.

So, either you can pay heed to the above points to keep your moving expense in your budget or else, you can simply avail the cost-effective services of Agarwal Packers and Movers Ltd.